Wondering how the years passed

It seems like yesterday when I was young.

But I haven’t been young for a very long time.

My first grandchild was born nearly 21 years ago. She was a beautiful baby and fun to be around. People told me I talked about her too much. Well how could I help it. I was in awe. I never expected it would be a magical relationship.

But it has been. Hayley and I have been in and out of each other’s lives for all these 21 years. Sometimes I had no idea what she was doing or thinking as she grew up. Now that she’s an adult, it does seem easier to keep in touch.

This summer Hayley’s staying in Massachusetts. I’m thrilled. Having her around helps fill the space that was created when my youngest grandchild moved to California. He was an amazing baby and he’s become an amazing boy – filled with energy and light.

I remember being a mother. I felt needed back then. I was always rushing to and from work, always worried about being the person my children needed me to be.

Being a grandmother is more fun.

Back on Track

So it has been months since my last post.

The regular business of running the Milton Times has taken some time and I wish I could blame my distraction on the paper.

Truth is I have been spending more time with my three grandchildren who live in New Hampshire. If only it were as simple as a trip or two.

My youngest grandchild is a year and a half. He is amazing and filled with love. His energy is over the top. This week Finn and his parents are visiting his other grandparents in California.  Finn’s favorite word is Up. He uses it to explain who it is he wants to hold him.

My granddaughter Hayley is a senior in high school. She lives about three hours away from Finn. Like all young women in her age range, she wants to enjoy time with her friends.

My other grandson, whose name is Desmond, is just beginning high school. Like most young men in his age range, he keeps his thoughts to himself.

Being a grandmother is much more fun than being a mother. But just like parenting, the time is brief.