Print Vs. Web

From time to time people call the Milton Times office and ask us why they can’t find a story from the print issue on our Web site.

The answer is: our print product feeds our families. Our weekly newspaper is something we are proud of. We sell it in single copies and in yearly subscriptions. The eight people employed by the Times and all our regular contributors enjoy what they do for a living. Why else would they do what they do for so little financial return?

Have you heard that the Globe is losing money? Well, the Milton Times continues to break even. The Globe places all its information on line. We don’t.  Do you know that the Globe has the 4th most well read news Web site in the US? If that led to succes, we would try to follow the model.

We think we have a mission that works.

It is to respectfully inform the population of Milton MA what is happening in this community of 26,000.We seek to be reliable, accurate and timely. Good grammar and good taste are underlying principles. We focus on the positive and attempt to reflect the views of the whole community. 

We believe helping our advertisers market their products will help us continue to grow. We believe that a quality product will lead to continued increases in readership.