Connecting with Constant Contact

For 13 years the Milton Times has had a Web site.

Our first Web site was a single page with a modicum of information about the company. We left it untouched for about six months until my two children decided to take control of the site and make a few changes.

We have gone through many changes since then. We have designed a Web strategy that encourages people to buy our print product – and our Web site offers information on Milton’s top story each week.

Anyway, Ed Baker, who writes the With the Athletes column has a following of former Milton people who live in at least 15 states.  We took his column off our Web site for a while a year ago. That’s how we discovered his widespread popularity. We knew he has been a key piece of our paper’s popularity – we now know he has nation-wide appeal among people with Milton connections.

And so we are beginning a new way of delivering With the Athletes. We are testing out a service that will send Ed’s column each Thursday to an e-mail address. We are beginning the service with an introductory offer. A subscription will cost $10 for one year.

 Constant Contact, an e-mail subscription service, will help us create the new way of helping people keep up with Milton sports stars.