Curry One and Rotary Celebrate

Human rights are the way to eradicate poverty, Dr. Amii Omara-Otunnu told a gathering at Curry College on April 15.

Dr. Omara-Otunnu isĀ  UNESCO chair of comparative human rights and a teacher at the University of Connecticutt. He traveled to Milton to speak to students from One Curry.

Several members of Milton Rotary were on hand for the discussion.

Rotary and One Curry worked together over the past year to raise enough money to build a well in the village of Bor in the Sudan. The location was chosen by one Curry since one of the current Curry seniors esacped from the Sudan during a time of genocide.

Peter Nhiany, one of the Lost Boys of the Sudan, has been committed to the project to bring a supply of clean water to the village where members of his family still live. The One Curry project raised about $11,000. The Rotary Club raised about $6,000.

Still the well is on the drawing board due to equipment issues in the region. Bob Reetz of Rotary says the well will be in place by next spring.