Then and Now

Just watched Penelope Trunk on the web explain how to get along with Generation Y.

She explained the young people are not interested in money and won’t pay their dues to climb a career ladder. But they love their parents and are very good team players.

I’m what they call a Baby Boomer. I realize I don’t fit her box for Baby Boomers. I type my blog a few minutes after midnight, sitting silently in my two bedroom condo in Dorchester.

I grew up in Milton. My business is in Milton. My 30-year-old son graduated from Milton High. But I moved to Dorchester because I’ve chosen to sink the profits of my life into a business I enjoy and the education of my two children. Neither of my children have eliminated their school loans yet. It’s a goal as much for me as for them.

I have a plan – but I’m keeping it secret until I reach the goal.

Was I ever focused on money? Not really. Today money is more of an issue because my business operates on a level that requires a steady cash flow. There are bills to pay – the printer, the post office, suppliers, but most of all the employees and various contributors who keep the Milton Times in operation.

My first fulltime job as a journalist paid $115 a week. That was in 1968 at the Patriot Ledger and I was on step 2 of their scale with credit for time worked before I earned my bachelor’s degree. I loved my job. I loved the people I worked with.

Maybe I belonged to Generation Y back then. I lived just fine on the money I earned. What was important was that I was learning constantly and having fun.

You know, I still am learning. That’s why I twitter and tweet. And Facebook. And Linkedin.

Truth is I don’t know what I’m doing yet but I’m learning.