Town Meeting Ponders the Bottom Line

Two nights of Town Meeting this week focused on the budget.

The bottom line will actually be decided Monday, June 8, when the townspeople go to the polls to consider the Proposition 2.5 override option.

Tuesday the override number was set at $86.8 million, including $3.42 million for the override items.

If the override passes there will be two police officers, two firefighters and 13 teachers laid off. Both branch libraries will be closed.  Half the street lights will go dark.

If the override fails five police officers, five firefighters and 46 school department employees will be laid off.

Much more will be said about all the ramifications of the override budget in the coming month.

The tax rate is expected to increase 5% without an override and 11.4% if the override passes.

One thought on “Town Meeting Ponders the Bottom Line

  • 15. September 2009 at 09:12

    Has anyone noticed that, lights are still on all over town. Why were the decorative lights on top of Collicot on all summer long? Do we really need the christmas lights on all year long in East Milton Square? Milton Public Schools is hiring, not laying anyone off, I have been getting emails with different people that have been hired all summer. French/Spanish immersion? Im not even going to get into, I think an independent company should come in and see if it has been worth the huge expense. Not a lot of students but look at all the teachers. Sure its a nice idea, but that is why private schools do it. That way the parents have a choice, do we want to spend more for our child to do this or not. We in Milton do not get that choice. I think the program is failing and nobody wants to pull the plug. How many students are in the program compared to how many go to school here. What is the cost benefit??

    Police seem to be in full force. (Which is good). Construction seems like it is in overdrive.

    Where are all the bad things that were still going to happen even if prop 2.5 didnt pass? Its amazing Milton was in the paper, nobody could believe that we were raising taxes so high and leaving them that way for good. This town has a lot of people that cant afford to have taxes raised just because a group says our town will go down the tubes without the increase. I believe strongly that they were all lies and the taxes should be taken back.

    I think we deserve names? who got laid off? How are we saving money, what cut backs are happening?

    I believe it was to scare people into raising taxes so that we didnt have to tighten our belts. We are all tighting at home and yet our town raises taxes. I think we need to stand up and ask why we were lied to and what is going to be down about it. If in fact we were lied to I think we need new management.

    DPW service is going down, sometimes they pick up and sometimes they dont. They have a huge plot of land that they dont even use. How about building nice homes and getting more tax dollars. How about building up Randolph Ave, it looks terrible and its because of the DPW.

    If we care about our town how about max our resources and cutting cost so that we can build our town within our means. Sure there are wealthy people in the town, but there are a lot of older people in the town that have been here 30 – 40 years and I dont think they should be pushed out just because we dont know how to spend and save money.

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