We Add Video

This week at our staff meeting we spent some time talking about our Web site.

Our graphics designer, William Curry, who is also the webmaster for miltontimes.com, has been working about some innovations for our site.

The whole staff is on the same page about the changes. We like the video that William added to the site and hope to continue the video snippets.

Once again we talked about the industry’s need to monetize the web. We’ve been talking about ways we might make the site more profitable for some time. So far we have a few advertisers who help us keep the site in the black.

In the past year or so we’ve had a partnership with a photo printing company that has handled our photo gallery and provided pricey but good photos that William prepares. Lately we’ve taken the photo gallery in house. We may be outsourcing it again, if we find a company that’s a better fit.