Competition Decreases

The Milton Times was born nearly 15 years ago.At the time there were two other newspapers covering the town. The Patriot Ledger and the Milton Record Transcript.

And from time to time, the Globe would do a story or two about the community.

Competition is a good thing. It keeps a business sharp and focused.

A good local newspaper covers all sides of an issue. A successful local newspaper keeps its focus on the positive aspects of the community.Many newspapers are facing economic disaster this year. The Globe is still laying off reporters and cutting costs.

The Patriot Ledger had a full-time reporter assigned to Milton until the past few years. Reductions in staff at the daily have resulted in diminished focus on towns like Milton. Readership at both the Globe and the Ledger has decreased.

The Record Transcript published a statement of ownership this year (something any newspaper using the mail is required to do) showing that it has 144 paid subcribers.

The Milton Times has been on a readership plateau this year. People in the community want local news and continue to support the Times. We are fortunate to have that support. Each week we sell 4,500 papers. This translates into at least 11,250 readers. Our paid subscriptions, through the mail, are documented each October in our own statement of ownership. The week we printed the statement of ownership we were at 4,600 – of that 3,306 go through the mail. The rest are distributed on newsstands.