Brunch with My Daughter

My grandchildren are at camp this week – a Salvation Army camp on the shores of Sebego Lake.

It’s their week to commune with nature.

My children went to day camp when they were young – it was my way of dealing with day care as a single working mother.

My daughter works for the Salvation Army – she’s a case manager.

This week she has more free time than usual. We had a chance to get out to brunch today. It was great to have time with June – time to catch up.

Now she’s off to visit a friend she’s had since high school.

Time passes far to quickly.

I miss the days when taking my children for Chinese food after work was the high point of my week. Now I am thrilled when I have a couple hours to spend alone with my daughter. (Or my son, but that is too infrequent. His home in the woods of California is a little out of the way.)

The days of being always rushed, always over-committed have given way to grandmotherhood. It’s really more fun to sandwich the minutes of connection in between equal slices of separation.