Our Advertising Manager Quit

Lita Muhammad, who has been the advertising manager at the Milton Times for slightly more than a year, wrapped up her work today.

Her exit interview was simple. Lita has worked extremely hard in the past year to learn how to keep all our advertising orders filled. Her position won’t be filled immediately. It’s a difficult economy. We can manage with one less person for the summer.

The office closed for a couple hours last Friday so the staff could take Lita to lunch. The group went to Gerard’s in Dorchester. It was her last full day.

I wish I had been there but I was still on vacation in Puerto Rico, enjoying time in the sun with my 9-year-old grandson.

For the next month or so I will be the ad manager. The position is a part-time one. And actually we didn’t have an advertising manager until a few years ago.

Having the position filled makes my life a lot better.

I will miss Lita.