Summer Fades

My grandchildren are visiting for the weekend.

I spent Saturday evening mailing out notices for the Chamber of Commerce while the kids watched “Legally Blonde” and other Disney stuff.

Tonight we are watching “Surf’s Up” with the animated penguins and I am finishing my copy for the next issue of the Milton Times.

I was the one who covered Congressman Stephen Lynch at Curry College Sept. 3. I finished the basic part of my story before noon Friday, because that’s when copy is due. At 4:30 I finally connected with his press person. The Lynch staff had everyone sign a survey for or against health care reform as they entered the gym at Curry. I wanted to get rough numbers.

I was sure they didn’t collect all the surveys just to create an illusion of listening to the constituents.

My other question was: would the Congressman announce his decision on running for US senate before we went to press with the next issue.

The press person sent me an email announcement that the Congressman pulled nomination papers Sept. 4 for the special election.

I’m waiting for the survey results. My own opinion, based on my internal applause meter, is there were more people in favor of health care reform.

 But after listening to the various objections, I think the way to organize health care reform is to expand Medicare. Remove the age requirement. All any US citizen who is registered with Social Security to apply for Medicare and use the power of numbers to create a reasonably priced plan.