Thank You NNA

The National Newspaper Association brought me many marvelous ideas for improving the Milton Times.

The NNA held its annual convention in Mobile, AL, this past weekend. Publishers are people who are used to working on Saturday. So the fact that the convention’s workshops were on Friday and Saturday fit just fine with the people who form the backbone of the NNA. The awards ceremony was Saturday and, obviously, you don’t win prizes in newspapers by being a 9 to 5 weekday sort of person.

The Milton Times took an honorable mention in the feature writing category. Thank you, NNA.

People who dedicate their lives to community journalism are still having fun. And the NNA is one of the reasons journalists can still succeed and enjoy their work.

The group of vendors offered great stuff – but it is unlikely many sales were made. In a time when the economy is sluggish, the add-ons are a tough sell.

I bought a slew of baseball caps that annouce Press. I gave some out today to the office staff. More to come.

This week one of our staff members was almost run over while crossing the street to the post office. He was in a cross walk and had a red light. Today I gave him his orange vest, with big letters spelling out PRESS on the back. I have them for the rest of the staff.  He’s written a fine commentary on the event. (No, not the orange vest, the car.

Later this week when we meet as a staff, the Times staff will be thinking about the changes we can make to improve.

Thank you, NNA.