Onions & Roses

(Onions & Roses is an opinion column that appears from time to time in The Milton Times.)

Roses to everyone who helped to make CelebrateMilton a success this year. All the advance publicity had told people the raindate would be Oct. 4. And when it rained (no, poured) Oct. 3, the organizers managed to move the event to the Cunningham/Collicot complex.

More people came than expected. And everyone enjoyed the day.

Onions to the proponents of the increased meals tax. What are you thinking? How much money will you lose in the long runĀ if little sandwich shops, already struggling end up vacant? It took two years for the two new restaurants to clear the hurdles so they could open with liquor licenses. Now that they are up and running, somebody is trying to make the good local residents who frequent local restaurants pay more. Onions!

Roses to the staff of The Milton Times who work long and hard to create an interesting newspaper every week.