Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about the good in our lives.

And, of course, we all think of days past as we live through the joy of the day.

But living in the present, we can enjoy living in minutes of gratitude and hope.

Taking time for family and friends helps me find new energy.

This is a busy time of year at the Milton Times. We always run the paper at between 30 to 40% advertising. And this season we usually have more retail advertising than in the other three seasons. It gives us more space for photos and news about the community.

Thanksgiving is the height of our advertising season – it makes it difficult to take a whole day off. Yet we do.

Happy Birthday Jerry Joyce

Last week Jerry Joyce turned 90.

There were a few parties to celebrate – one party brought out about 300 Fuller Village residents.

As I understand it the Men’s Breakfast group at the COA was one of the party sites.

I know there was a party for the family Nov. 1 at Sen. Brian Joyce’s home. During that party two of Jerry’s grandchildren who are abroad were planning to call him using Skype. (For the non-geeks, that means an internet phone call.)

I wasn’t at the family party so I can’t tell you how the phone call went.

But I was at Fuller Village Friday evening with many of Jerry’s family and friends. Harriet Rosen played the piano and everyone sang along. The whole event was a lot of fun. Every resident of Fuller received an invitation to the party.

One focal point of the party was a reading by the senator and some of his siblings that documented Jerry’s life. The massive reading was a framed resolution signed by the 40 state senators to commemorate the birthday.

Happy birthday, Jerry, and best regards.