Happy Birthday Jerry Joyce

Last week Jerry Joyce turned 90.

There were a few parties to celebrate – one party brought out about 300 Fuller Village residents.

As I understand it the Men’s Breakfast group at the COA was one of the party sites.

I know there was a party for the family Nov. 1 at Sen. Brian Joyce’s home. During that party two of Jerry’s grandchildren who are abroad were planning to call him using Skype. (For the non-geeks, that means an internet phone call.)

I wasn’t at the family party so I can’t tell you how the phone call went.

But I was at Fuller Village Friday evening with many of Jerry’s family and friends. Harriet Rosen played the piano and everyone sang along. The whole event was a lot of fun. Every resident of Fuller received an invitation to the party.

One focal point of the party was a reading by the senator and some of his siblings that documented Jerry’s life. The massive reading was a framed resolution signed by the 40 state senators to commemorate the birthday.

Happy birthday, Jerry, and best regards.

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