Holiday Plans

This year I’ll be spending Christmas in Berlin, NH.

My daughter and her two children want to spend the day at home.

My daughter works for the Salvation Army in Berlin. She is busy delivering Christmas presents to the needy this season. By Christmas she usually is tired.

Me too. The holiday season can be grueling. Today I traveled along the Forbes Holiday House Tour, enjoying the season and thinking about how amazing the mansions look in their Christmas wrappings.

This week I have two important holiday parties. Our staff party is Friday at the home of Judy McDonough. We close the office from 1 to 2 p.m. every Friday for our weekly staff meeting. This week, we will be closed until 2:30 (or so).  I’m still trying to figure out what I can bring for the gift swap.

The other party happens Tuesday with the women of the Board Forum. We haven’t been meeting regularly this year. But last month we had dinner and there is a possibility we may be dinnering more often.

Why Isn’t It Snowing?

Santa Claus and the carollers will be in East Milton in a few hours. So where is the snow? Why is it raining here and snowing in Houston, TX?It is slightly more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit  with a chilling rain. How will those reindeers manage?The Milton Chamber of Commerce, the town Department of Public Works, the Kiwanis Club are all working to make the day magical. But who knows how to do a “Don’t Rain” Dance?Will people stroll the shops? Only time will tell.

Santa Claus Is Coming

The first East Milton Holiday Stroll happens from 4 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 5. Fliers with the list of participants will be available on the M. Joseph Manning Deck.Carollers from Milton High School will be on the Deck singing. Santa Claus is expected to arrive soon after the songs begin. Santa has been invited to come in from the cold at Abby Park where there will be pizza slices for the strollers.M. Joseph Manning will flip the lights on the Christmas tree before 4:30.Nancy Jesson, president of the Milton Chamber of Commerce, will be handing out candy canes courtesy of Gosule, Butkus & Jesson. At Grono & Christie Jewelers, Judah Maccabee will be handing out chocolate gelt.Corcoran Brokerage is serving Christmas cookies and juice.The  Fruit Center will offer a series of tastings – from wine to granola.Fitness Unlimited has hot chocolate.Belle Visage is giving polishes or emory boards.B-Boutique is giving samples.Mellie’s Hair Design will have coupons available.Kelley & Rege will be open with cookies and cider.Rumor is there may be more….