Hot News This Week

The next issue is almost ready to go to the press – but interesting stories are breaking…

If I wrote about it now on this blog our competitors might catch up with us.

I’ll write about it Thursday, once the paper is on the street.

If there were a way to pay for a local news on the web, it would be great.

We  did test an online subscription model back in 2002. It was a financial failure. The good news is the print model still works on a local level. Maybe that’s because we gave up the internet experiment when it failed to pay for itself.

Right now we are testing another model. Once a week we email “With the Athletes” to a small group of people who have paid us for the email blast.  The column has long been the favorite of our print subscribers. So far the number of people who have paid for the email is relatively small. Maybe this is a 100 monkeys sort of experiment. Maybe it will catch on all at once when 100 subscribers have signed on.

I happen to think it is the wave of the future – but then I still read print newspapers on a regular basis. What do I really know about the people who think news is not worth the price of a paper.