All Politics Are Local

Tonight as I watch the C-Span coverage of the healthcare insurance debate, I wonder whether Congressman Stephen Lynch was with the majority of 219 Democrats.

(Well the reason I didn’t see him is he voted ‘No.’)

The debate was repetitive. The House is not in order. Is that a surprise?

I am thrilled that Congress has begun to address the problems of the working poor and the middle class.

As a woman who brought up two children on her own, I understand what it is like to face large medical bills. Children are prone to fall and catch all sorts of diseases. I was fortunate in finding many kind people in the medical profession who would give me a break when I’d pull out a credit card instead of an insurance card.

My small business offers limited medical coverage to our employees. The premiums have been skyrocketing ever since Massachusetts implimented mandatory insurance. Now at least, there will be some sort of tax credit going along with the cost.

Could this be the start of help for small businesses?

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