Our Advertising Guy Moved On

It’s been busy in the office this spring.

It’s always a busy season – but we’ve been trying to finish off our first ever Little MiltonTelephone Book and then our advertising coordinator, Phil Perry, was hired by Comcast.

Phil wanted to keep both jobs. The hours didn’t conflict. At the Milton Times, we work 9 to 5.  The Comcast job was 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. with varying days.  Since he isn’t 30 yet, it was possible. But somehow even young people need sleep.

Phil, a graduate of Boston College High School and Georgetown University, lives in Milton. His goal is sports writing and while he worked on the Milton Times ad, he also turned in some excellent local sports articles.

We all miss Phil. He was forthright, hardworking and committed. We were disappointed when he gave his two weeks notice.

This week our new advertising coordinator began working in our office at 480 Adams St.

Patty Casinelli D’Agostino won’t be writing sports stories in her free time. Once she learns the ins and outs of the job, we expect our page count will increase. We base the number of pages of our weekly paper on the number of advertising inches. The more paid inches, the larger the paper.

We look forward to growth. There is so much more to write about and photograph in Milton. All we need is the space.