Postage Increase Held Off

Well, one of the universal truths of America is that costs increase.

(I’m not thinking that is part of the American dream.)

Anyway, the powers that be in the Postal Service decided to ignore a law passed in 2006 that provided postal increase should be limited to the cost of living.

But the Postal Regulatory Commission voted recently to put the increase on hold. The PRC is not the last word. Its decision could be appealed but so far the postmaster general has indicated he is looking in other ways to deal with the budget problem. The post office is thinking about reducing delivery service from six to five days a week.

Who in their right mind thinks reducing service by 17 percent will increase the bottom line? Are they thinking they will lay off 17 percent of the staff? I don’t think so.

Meanwhile the cost of a first class stamp is 44 cents. Email is free.

I think they have a marketing problem.