Miracles Multiply

Watching Nightline on late night TV, I celebrate the miracle of the Chilean miners.

I admit I have avoided many of the stories because I try to protect myself from great tragedies and sadness.

But tonight I watched as the first of the miners appeared from the depths of hell. The first of the 33 miners to emerge from the collapsed mine. Florencio Avalos, father of two, came out of the San Jose mine smiling, looking well.

Shortly after midnight the second man emerged in the strange looking capsule.

I cried when the first man was saved. Now it’s a story I want to follow. Now the happy ending seems possible.

Flipping to CNN, I rejoice in miracles.

The first rescue took 16 minutes for the last stage. But for 69 days, the men were buried, with little hope. Yet they hoped.

Isn’t live TV grand. Mario Sepulveda Espinace, #2 guy, came out of the pit with some sort of souvenir gift for the men who were part of the rescue effort.

Life is good. Miracles happen. Sometimes the world moves in the right direction.

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