Democrats Take Milton

Results are complete for the town of Milton as 72.3% of the 17,853 registered voters went to the polls.

The Democrats took the entire ballot.

The town said no to all three ballot questions.

What does this mean?

It seems to mean that Milton is satisfied with the way public policy is handled in this state.

Gov. Deval Patrick earned 6,991 votes to 4,708 for Charles Baker and 1,055 for Tim Cahill. The Green Party candidate took 101 votes townwide.

Congressman Stephen Lynch polled 8,891 votes to 2,478 for Vernon Harrison and 741 for Philip Dunklebarger.

Sen. Brian Joyce took 8,201 votes to 4,032 for Robert Burr, the Canton Selectman who spent much time campaigning door to door.

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