Mystery Remains

The new Congressman from Quincy, who still happens to be the Norfolk County District Attorney, is calling for a federal investigation into the death of Delvonte Tisdale.

Late on the afternoon of Dec. 10, DA William Keating and Milton Police Chief Richard Wells held a press conference to talk about the evidence their teams have put together that indicate the 16-year-old Tisdale fell from an airplane in the sky Nov. 15.

It doesn’t seem conclusive. But then it seems Homeland Security, TSA and all of the people who are making Americans less free ought to be put under the microscope so they can explain how a young man could stow away in a wheel well of a passenger plane.

But the evidence is:

  1. Earlier in the day, police personnel from a group of local communities searched the woods near where the body was found. They came up with a shirt and two sneakers, items of clothing that matched the description of Tisdale’s clothes.
  2. Grease was found on the young man’s clothes. Tests are underway to see if the grease matches that on the plane.
  3. A 737 US Airways plane left Charlotte about 7 p.m. on Nov. 15 and landed at Logan about 9:30. The mutilated body was discovered on Brierbrook Street around 9:30. Brierbrook Street is in the flightpath.
  4. Handprints were found in the left wheel well of the plane.
  5. The autopsy results were consistent with a fall from a significant height.
  6. The autopsy also revealed no sign of death by known weapons.

Is the evidence enough to worry about airport security? Keating thinks so, which is why he said he decided to release the story before conclusive tests were available.

Tisdale lived with his father, Anthony Tisdale, his step-mother and other siblingsĀ in North Carolina. He moved there from Baltimore where his mother Jonette Washington and other family members still live. According to news reports from the south, young Tisdale, had run away from home the night before his body was found.

All reports say he hadn’t been in trouble but was unhappy about the family’s relocation.

Meanwhile when Keating goes to Congress next month, he already has some work to look into.