The Old & the New

The first ever Milton Times Telephone Book went into delivery mode today…

Many copies were delivered by the USPS. Some were dropped in bulk at Fuller Village and Unquity House. We are having more copies delivered to Milton tomorrow from the press. The business day ran out before we were finished.

So far most of the people who have received the book love it. And so do we.

We are already making plans for the 2012 version.

The book that has been delivered was created in partnership with a company that makes a business out of publishing telephone books in small communities. They have a lot of expertise is producing this sort of product.

Our staff believes we can do an even better job on the 2012 issue if we control all the elements.

So the cover this year shows the Baron Hugo Gazebo with Ken Lodge and his orchestra playing at one of the park department summer concerts. Next year what very Milton photo might we use on the cover? That is still to be decided…

 We have a company that enjoys creating print products.

But we have moved into this decade and we are beginning to work on moving to the mobile web.

Our web site hasn’t been tweaked for mobile visitors. But we are working on it.

Before the end of the year we will have an app of our very own.  It will work on iphones and blackberries. I’ve decided to let the bigger papers lose money on marketing to androids. We will stick with the market that has the numbers.