Time Out

For the past month I’ve been working to create time in, what has been up to now, my very busy life.

It’s not exactly an option. A week from today I’ll be lying in a hospital bed. I’ve known this day was approaching.

And for the next three weeks I’ll be restricted in my ability to do more than heal. I feel fine today. Most of what I need to do to has been done.

My son will be flying in to Boston from his home in California on the day of my surgery. He’ll be with me for a week.

Then my daughter and her two children will be with me for a few days.

I have a lengthy list of people who have offered to bring soup to my home, or drive me to the doctor’s office, or just stop at the Fruit Center and pick up meals to go.

More information on this simple story will be published soon.

Prayers and well wishes are welcome. But I can’t handle all the emails and phone calls.

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