Better A Day At A Time

My energy hasn’t been electric this week.

It’s been a week since my operation – each day I recover a bit more strength.

My visiting nurse was at my home today with a student shadow. The world is a small place. My nurse knows Ed Baker. She met him a few years ago while he was doing some of his philanthropic work.

The student shadow is from Curry College.

The three of us talked for a time about my degree of pain – which on a 1-10 schedule, I rate as three about a half hour before taking medication. (Truthfully, I expected a great deal of pain and much of the time I’ve been pain-free.)

Since I began telling people about my diagnosis and plans for treatment I’ve heard many stories from friends and acquaintenances about their own cancer stories. I don’t have enough energy to complete more than small pieces of my story.

But each day all that improves.

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