Back from the National Board

The office did just fine without  my help last week – the paper came out on time and, for the most part, there is not much I would have changed if I’d been in Milton.

I might have given Christina Ferrera a little more credit. She was chosen to deliver an address at Fontbonne’s graduation not just for her academic achievement but for her character, spirituality and contribution to the community.

A community paper needs to explain what is right in the town and we agree with Christina who quoted Mahatma Gandhi in her address: “Be the change you want to see in this world.”

While I was in Newport, RI, with the rest of the National Newspaper Association board of directors, I learned a few good ideas.

One idea is a column written by Mary Fisher in Arkansas – a column on community history that I’m thinking about adding to our regular table of contents.

The time I spend with the NNA board helps me focus on how the newspaper industry is changing across the country.

All of the other directors are coping with the need to deliver the news their communities have come to count on while coping with budgets that reflect a troubled economy.

Because NNA markets to community newspapers, these industry leaders have solutions that work in Milton.

So I came back from Newport, having toured the grass courts of the Tennis Hall of Fame and ridden a small craft into the choppy waves of Newport Harbor and so much more so that I could take photos at the All Night Party for the MHS Class of 2011.

The All Night Party is one of my favorite photo ops of any year.

You can find the photos I captured on the Milton Times web site. There’s a link to photos. I will place the new pictures as our featured gallery as soon as I crop the pictures to eliminate stray party goers who wandered into my frames.