Ready to Leave AOL

patd2011.jpg(Photo by Sage Brousseau)

This week I began the process of leaving AOL.

You see I’ve been paying money to AOL for a very long time. And my own email address as well as several at my paper have been connected to the “You’ve Got Mail” people.

But more than a year ago AOL began financing a website that competes with the Milton Times website. Not that they are making inroads in the Milton market. The good news is is generating more unique visitors than ever.

So my new email address is Ofcourse, I’ve been using for several years now but almost no one ever emails me there.

I know why people use the AOL address – it’s easy to remember. I’m thinking I need to begin promoting the one with my name. It should only take about six months to make the transition.

I just have to print a batch of new business cards and run a few dozen ads in my own paper. Oh, yes and I’m planning to use a page in the Milton Phone Book to promote all the various emails and telephone extenstion at the Milton Times.

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