New Line Up for the Mayor

Tonight I learned the mayoral field has been winnowed.

The latest list of candidates for Mayor of Milton includes: Jayne Goode, Philip Driscoll, and Mike Lynch.

The 350th Committee met at town hall tonight. We did quite a bit of chatting but most of us hadn’t realized we needed to be sworn into office once again. So we put off voting.

The race for the mayor is heating up.

Mayor of Milton Contest Begins

I try not to work weekends but Sunday evening I spent some time at the first meeting of the candidates in the Mayor of Milton contest.

They are an interesting group.

The nomimation campaign for Mayor ended recently.

The candidates include: Bob Karp, Jim Comer, Philip Driscoll, Janice Fahy, Deborah Felton, Jayne Goode and Mike Lynch.

So Brian Kelley who is running the event gathered a few of the candidates for a quick meeting. Comer, Driscoll and Goode were on hand. Photos of those candidates will soon appear in the Milton Times.

Voting is now underway. The candidate who raises the most money will be declared the Mayor of Milton.

The rules appear to be $1 a vote.

Tickets for the 350th Concert will count toward the votes.

Meanwhile Kelley purchased four large ballot boxes in the town clerk’s recent auction. The locked boxes will be placed at strategic locations around the town. Envelopes with money, checks made out to Town of Milton, with 350th and the candidates name, will be counted as votes. To be clear, a $10 check equals 10 votes.

Parties are planned. Fun will be had.

Our E-edition Grows

A little more than a month ago, the Milton Times established a paywall to protect the content on our web site.

Next week we plan to open a small hole in the pay wall to allow readers to view special pages on our annual reader’s choice contest. We call it “The Best in Milton.”

It will mean the 40,000 plus unique visitors that stop by our web site each month will have a chance to go through the Special Pages we are creating to explain the story of the contest winners.

Let me be clear. There are many winners. I can’t reveal who they are before we go to press next week – but I can say the story and the new special section on our web site will be fun.

Watching the New England Newspaper & Press Association Continue to Develop New Ideas

News people from all over New England gathered in Boston last week to talk about the state of the industry and assess the future.

It was the annual New England Newspaper & Press Association convention and I enjoyed the chance to catch up new technology and old friends.

Our readers know the Milton Times has an e-edition that sits behind a paywall.

Obviously we aren’t the first paper to add digital to the menu. Did you know the Boston Globe has 16,000 paid subscribers? We are still learning the backside of our e-edition. And soon we will have our APP on the market.

A very knowledgeable vendor at the convention thinks we should add more content to the free first page of our web site. He was surprised that our web numbers haven’t declined now that little can be read without an e-subscription.

I’m not sure we’ll make any more changes online until we sort through what is working for our readers and find out whether our e-edition has the ability to be financially stable.

Anyway the workshops on advertising sales were sober reflections of the slow economy. Newspapers are seeing a slight uptick that appears to have begun in the fourth quarter of last year.

The convention themes were not new – an emphasis on tight writing, photos that tell a story, and more of the basics of good journalism.