Moving Ahead

For the past 13 years, the Milton Times has made its home on the second floor of 480 Adams St.

When the paper moved to this location at the edge of East Milton Square, there were three people working in the office. (Of course, that was because our writers worked from their homes.)

For three years before moving to Adams Street, we were tucked in a small office on High Street in Milton Village. At that time our circulation manager sat in a closet with used PC.

Much has changed in the course of the years.

We are still the newspaper of record for the community. We have added a new technology to bag of communication tools we use.

In 2010 the Milton Times began posting on its own Facebook page. Soon after a Twitter account was set up for the Times.

This year we added an e-edition which is an online version of the paper that sits behind a pay wall. Last week we had a chance to update our e-edition, adding a new page when the Selectmen decided in a closed session they would not renew the contract of Town Administrator Kevin Mearn.

We are working on an email database to let people know when we add to the e-edition due to breaking news that happens outside our regular cycle.

So we are on the move in many ways.

The latest move for the paper is coming up some time in August.

The new home of the Milton Times is 3 Boulevard St. We’ll be on the ground floor.

We are still working out the details of the move but we know we will be in the new space before Sept. 1.

The item that is up in the air is the telephone system.

We are still looking into the possibility the new space may be wired for broadband already.

We will be able to access our telephone messages during the move so please leave information in voice mail.

We know the move will be disruptive. We expect we will be closed for one to two days.

As we prepare for the move, we are ruthlessly tossing out old files and old papers.

We need anyone who has left a photo in our office to pick it up before Aug. 1. That’s our deadline for recycling unneeded materials.

We are hoping to reduce our use of paper as we make this move. We plan to sift through old materials.