Balancing Can Be Tricky

The Milton Times is tucked into its new headquarters at 3 Boulevard Street, near the edge of East Milton Square and we continue to change.

One of the main features of our new space is a 150 gallon aquarium that is being cared for by John Blackadar and his band of fish sitters. Friday they brought us an angel fish. The rest of the fish in the tank are called starter fish, according to John.

We have two yellow-tailed devil fish, named Hayley and Desmond for my grandchildren. Then there is one domino, I think we need to call that one Milton, for the community. We also have three clownfish.

Our fish bring us peace amid the craziness of our weekly deadline schedule.

The whole operation has been slightly off track since we moved. Everything has been put away but we aren’t positive where we stored all the many pieces. Just last week we ran out of deposit forms for our bank account. We’re coping and somehow I think we’ve tucked them away…