Our New Web Space Expands

For the past few months the staff of the Milton Times has been working on a new project – an arts and entertainment website for the South Shore.

It is called South Shore Happenings – it is reached at www.southshorehappenings.com.

So far the site holds promise and more than a slight bit of interest from people in the region.

Will it grow or will it wilt? Only time will tell. We have tried other projects to supplement what we do at the Times. A few years ago we tried a shopper, delivered monthly to every home in Milton. It failed before a year was out.

It was the wrong time to start a new project that required new capital.

For our new website, we are keeping costs down and giving it a strong push.

Do people want to know about the restaurants and night spots from Plymouth to Milton? We’ll find out and let the rest of the world in on the secrets.