Town Election Approaches

Milton, the community in Massachusetts where my newspaper lives, is getting ready for a town election.

The date, April 30, happens to coincide with the state primary in the special election for US Senate. So it is expected turnout will be high compared to a regular town election. But it will also be a confusing process for voters.

The electorate will be offered two out of three ballots available on that day. Yes, that’s the deal. There are three separate ballots. Each voter will get a chance at a town ballot. Then they will either be able to select a Republican or Democratic ballot, depending on their registration status. For unenrolled voters like me, the choice is open.

Will people understand the process?

I don’t know. But voters are a hardy bunch. When I was young, ballots were made of paper and we all made Xs to show our choices. In recent years there have been a series of mechanical devices involved in voting and people have learned the new techniques.

Will they understand why they need to wait in 2 lines to get 2 separate ballots and then check out twice?

We all expect some confusion will ensue.