Summer Benefit

The Fr. Bill’s 19th annual Food Fest brought a crowd of happy donors to the Ocean Club at Marina Bay on July 30.
I didn’t win anything in the silent auction and I didn’t bid on anything in the live auction. But the food was spectacular and the company was fun.
Therese Desmond, my sister, came to the party with me. Therese as been a vegetarian since sometime in the 1970s. I became a near vegetarian little more than two years ago.
Our favorite food came from the Punjab Cafe. The Indian restaurant, located in Quincy, has long been one of my favorites. It’s vegetarian offerings can fill me.
Staff of the Fruit Center was on hand along with people from the Common Market and Phillips Candy House and many more.
The gentle winds and great views of the Boston skyline made the event extraordinary.
Jim Wells was event chair – he did fine work inching up interest in the live auction.
There was a time when the problem of homelessness seemed confined to the big cities. It appeared the people who slept on park benches were those with mental health issues like alcoholism or other drug additions.
Back 10 years ago we seldom saw a foreclosure notice make to third publication. It was a different economy.
Is there homelessness in the suburbs today?
Are there people who are hungry?
It’s the reality. Can we do something to change the problems?
Certainly. It takes caring and thought.