Myles Connor Tells a Few Stories

Myles Connor Jr. and Suzette Martinez Standring get ready to talk.
Myles Connor Jr. and Suzette Martinez Standring

He thought he was heading to a reunion of the Milton High Class of 1961, but Myles Connor, self proclaimed art thief, had a series of stories to tell the crowd at the Milton Art Center Sept. 26.
So, if Connor is to be believed, the art taken in the Gardner heist in 1990 now sits somewhere in Saudi Arabia.
He said he actually planned the Gardner theft but couldn’t participate in the robbery because he was in federal jail in California. His three friends, who carried out the plan, were ready to give back a Rembrandt in exchange for lessening Connor’s jail term.
All three died before that could happen and Connor went on to say it is unlikely the art will ever be returned.
Suzette Martinez Standring who was originally scheduled to headline the talk as part of Milton Reads invited Connor to present his views on the Gardner caper after finding that former Milton attorney Fred Barry represents the admitted thief.
Barry set up the appearance and Connor’s friend and manager, Al Dotoli, sat at his right side during the hour long discussion.
Connor, who now lives on a farm in Blackstone, smiled frequently as he told his stories of art thefts and other escapades.
He grew up in Milton, the son of a kindly and honest Milton police officer. He said his first art theft back in the 1960s at the Forbes Museum was carried out as “payback.” As he saw it, his father was being blamed by the Yankees connected to the local museum for the theft of some antique firearms. Connor said his father would never have done anything of the kind.
And so he planned his revenge. His entry into the Adams Street museum happened between 6 and 8 p.m. as he knew the schedule of the caretaker, who had a habit of visiting his girlfriend nightly at that time.
He smiled large as he said that was the only security.
One of his funny stories unrelated to robberies involved his breaking a friend out of Medfield State Hospital. His father had specifically ordered him not to visit the hospital. Of course he went there the next day and his friend told him how he was locked in the mental hospital because he was trying to impress a girl. His friend had faked a suicide attempt using a hose from the exhaust pipe of his car into the interior. The problem was a police officer came by instead of the young woman.
Connor stole a truck with a chain on the back and used it to pull down the bars at the mental hospital. He laughed as he explained that about 30 of the inmates climbed on the back of the truck with his friend.
He was vague as to how he chose a life of crime. His answer to the question from the audience relayed how he made friends with some hardcore criminals the first time he was in Walpole State Penitentiary. He was there on a shooting charge.
He said he has some regrets – small ones like letting a dog out – and larger ones involving the pain he caused his family.
He went into some detail denying any involvement with the murders that he has been charged with. He went into some depth about the various frames. One involved the FBI agent that was convicted of racketeering and obstruction of justice in connection with his work with James Whitey Bulger. In the other case involving the death of two young women, Connor said he was accused by the people who committed the crime.
Connor’s life hasn’t been just crime and punishment. His autobiography, written with the help of a crime novelist Jenny Siler, has been sold to a movie studio. Dotoli continues to handle the sale of his rock and roll, available at
But Connor suffered serious damage after a heart attack a few years ago and is no longer able to play or sing.
By the way, he said he is waiting to find a widow.
Milton Cable Access filmed the entire talk and will be running it in near future.

Girl with the Purple Hair

My granddaughter has the most amazing look for the fall.
She decided to become the girl with the purple hair. It’s a good look on her.
When I was 16 it didn’t occur to me that I could change the color of my hair. Of course I knew people did that. I just didn’t have the style or energy.
But Hayley has more than super style, she has imagination and dreams.
What does it say to have purple hair?
I think it says “the world is changing and I am part of the change.”
I hope so, anyway.
Hayley, her Aunt Annie, and cousin Finn