Tiny Baby Desmond Emerges


So it happens I have taken some time away from the office lately.

My son became a father earlier today.

Such a miracle. Life is very good some days and this happens to be one of those very good days.

The baby, who has yet to be named, was born to Annie and Ambrose Desmond with lots of love and support from family and friends.

Ambrose, my son, is actually Timothy Ambrose Desmond. He was named for my two grandfathers. I never met my grandfather Timothy. He died when my own father was a child. My grandfather Ambrose was a special man in my life.  But truthfully I thought the name Ambrose sounded a bit stilted so I chose it for my son’s middle name.

He feels differently and uses Ambrose these days.

My point is he is holding his son, his first child, a small person who is yet to be named.

After 65 hours of labor and delivery Annie and Ambrose are tired tonight.

But Tiny Baby Desmond is healthy and sleeping with his parents in a hospital room in New Hampshire.