Back to my life

I stopped blogging for a few years – but I think I’m back.

My daughter-in-law Annie battled cancer for a few years. She was an amazing woman filled with courage and hope.

Truthfully I didn’t want to face my thoughts during the time I was watching her fight to survive. And then when Annie died in December 2018 I couldn’t manage to look at any of my feelings.

There seemed to be a dark cloud filling my world.

Annie left a five year old child who continues to love her more than should be possible.

Finnegan, that young child, is now almost 8. Despite the pandemic I spend time isolating in his home at least a few times a month.

When the pandemic settled on the world, I needed to restructure my business. First, most everyone on staff moved their materials out of the office and into their respective homes. The whole staff helped make the changes we needed to make.

We are continuing to make changes in our operation to keep everyone safe and to meet our weekly deadlines.

So much has changed. Finnegan, my nearly eight-year-old grandson is home schooled. More often than not he is happy and creative. I am so proud of him.

Being a grandmother is my joy and the most important portion of my life right now.